Mykki blanco – Loner // Mykki promos

Promos for Mykki Blanco's Debut Album "Mykki" and Lead Single "Loner"

Direct: Oliver David & Madison Velding-VanDam
DP: Oliver David
Edit: Madison Velding-VanDam
Production: StayKlacee

Featuring: Taphari Lewis, Zach Ligas, Montana Simone, Enok Ripley, Lindsey Mandolini, Zane Liston, Geramy Philipp Layug.

Web & Social 2016. 
Featured Premieres in Paper and Bullett.

Appeared in New York Times, Guardian and Pitchfork.

Bodega bay – This

Music Video for Bodega Bay "This"

Direct: Oliver David
DP: Oliver David
Edit: Oliver David & Ben Hozie
Production: StayKlacee

Social 2016

Galileo Galilei –『ウェンズデイ』(Wednesday)

Music Video for Galileo Galilei "ウェンズデイ (Wednesday)"

Direct: Oliver David & Charlie Gillette
DP: Oliver David
Edit: Steven Rico
Production: StayKlacee

Featuring: Oliva Miller Ross and Alec Williams

Broadcast and Web 2016
(Originally published for Japanese audiences at

Gentle Mystics – Spiralling Breeze

Music Video for Gentle Mystics "Spiralling Breeze" 

Director: Oliver David
DP: Martyn Thomas
Edit: Nompi
Production: Emerging Species

Web 2012

Rachel Freire – The Lost Collection

Lookbook for Rachel Freire's Lost Collection

Photographs: Oliver David
Style: Irene Manicone
Model: Miss Miranda