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On the anniversary of his twin sister’s death, Arthur is still combing through the fragments she left online. Obsessed with her enduring digital presence, he returns to their childhood home. But as Arthur holds on to her memory, he risks losing himself.

Featuring Peter Vack, Malena Filmus, Betsey Brown and Ned Van Zandt.

Written, Directed & Edited by Oliver David

It's a tale as old as time as three New York City tourists have a peculiar AirBnB host. This short film was written, filmed and edited all within 48 hours as part of The Barrow Group's 48 Hour Film Fest, where it won first place.

Cast: Brandon Michael Deckelbaum, Scott Hughes, Tarra Jackson, Matthew Whitfield Directed by: Lorrel K. Manning
Written by: Kristi Donna Ng
DP: Jack Stanndard
Editor: Oliver David

These Things Never Last follows a young couple who are forced apart by new border regulations and rising socio-political tensions in their respective countries and how they struggle to stay together as the world falls apart around them.

CAST: Charlie Gillette – Olivia, Jack Archer – Jack

WRITTEN BY: Charlie Gillette & Jack Archer

EDITED BY: Oliver David

Featured in Film Inquiry

Music Videos


Video for Bennington College prospective students.

Edited by Oliver David and Heather DiLeo

Interview with Corbus Pharmaceuticals about Resunab.

Screener – password:corbus2016


Ongoing Documentary by Scott Houston on East Liverpool, Ohio.

Trailer Edited by Oliver David

Interview with Star Manson By Scott Houston

Screener password:star2016

Trailer and full length interview edited by Oliver David

Compositing and Animation

Ghost is a site-specific installation by Colin David. A sculpture within a cabinet of curiosities, installed into a secret room in a private house. The center piece is a transparent torso, which comes to life through video-mapped animation. The means of projection is entirely concealed within the rest of the installation.

Animation and Projection Mapping by Oliver David.